The following meters have been confirmed to work with UltraDMM. Even if your Multi-Meter is not listed but contains a Chip listed here. It will probably still work. If you have a meter that works and it's not listed, please drop me a line and I'll add it to the list.

  • Chip: Cyrustek ES51922
    • Uni-Trend UT61E

  • Chip: Fortune FS9922-DMM4
    • Uni-Trend UT60A
    • Uni-Trend UT60D
    • Uni-Trend UT61A
    • Uni-Trend UT61B
    • Uni-Trend UT61C
    • Uni-Trend UT61D
    • DigiTek DT-9602R+
    • Pro's Kit MT-1820 (Serial and USB)

  • Chip: Curystek ES51962
    • Uni-T UT70B

  • Chip: Curystek ES51968
    • Mastech MS8250C

  • Chip: Cyrustek ES51960
    • Amprobe 34XR-A

  • Chip: Cyrustek ES51978

  • Chip: Cyrustek ES51986
    • APPA Tech 71 - Hacked For Serial
    • APPA Tech 73

  • Chip: FS9721LP3
    • Digitek DT-4000ZC
    • Tekpower TP4000ZC
    • Uni-T UT-60E
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