Version - December 17, 2014
+ Added USB Support
+ Added Support for Digitek DT-4000ZC
+ Added Support for Tekpower TP4000ZC
+ Added Support for Uni-T UT60E
+ Tab Delimited File Export
* Fixed Multiple Gauge per meter Bug
* Fixed USB disconnect crash
* Code changes for future plugin support
* Other minor optimizations

Version - July 21, 2013
+ Added Support for DigiTek DT-9602R+ (FS9922DMM4)
+ Added Support for Prokit's MT-1802 (FS9922DMM4) - USB
+ Added Support for Mastech MS8250C (ES51968 Clone)
+ Added Support for Uni-T UT71B (ES51962)
+ Added Clear Meter Log Option
+ Added Reset Meters screen. Reset Min/Max/Avg on Individual or All Meters
+ Added Manual Ranging for Chart Graph
+ Added Raw Values to Excel Export
+ Added Timer Screen
* Fix Export to Excel error
* Fix Edit Meter screen error
* Fix Looping Alert Sound Problem
* Better error handling on dropped USB-COM port

Version - November 4, 2012
+ Added Raw Output Log. To be used to help debugging communication issues
+ Reformatted Value Output to always include 4 decimal places in order to keep the decimal from hopping constantly
+ Added Error logging to Application Log.
+ Added Track Bar to Chart for scrolling through data
+ Added Support for Cyrustek ES51986 (APPA Tech 71 - Hacked for Serial and APPA Tech 73)
+ Added Support for Cyrustek ES51960 (Amprobe 34XR-A)
+ Added Support for Cyrustek ES51978 (ISO-TECH IDM 98II - Hacked for Serial)
+ Added Track Bar to Graph. It now displays last 50 values and you can use the track bar to scroll to older data.
- Removed a lot of Infragistics libraries. Size of download down to ~3.7MB.
* Fixed registry write error on 32Bit Windows version.
* Fixed Chart crash issue
* Major Code optimizations

Version - August 30, 2012
* Project is now called UltraDMM
+ Added Support for Frequency/Duty in all Voltage and Current Modes.
+ Added display of the current workspace in the status bar

Version - August 28, 2012
+ Added Chart Display
+ Added Temperature Mode support
+ Added AC/DC Display to Voltage/Current Gauges
+ Added Hz/Duty % to Frequency Gauges
+ Added Export to Excel in Meter Log
+ Added Trigger Disable feature
* Performance Improvements
* Bug Fixes

Version - August 12, 2012
(Initial Release)

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